We are able to integrate with Stripe in order to manage content subscriptions in your app. You're able to set recurring fees for Users of your app to pay to receive exclusive content.

  1. Set up an account at stripe.com
  2. Go to the Versl Plugin and Select Enable Subscriptions
  3. Enter your Firebase Web API Key which is found in your account details tab in the admin panel of your Versl App
  4. Set 3 separate pages on your website
    1. Subscription Registration
    2. Subscription Confirmation
    3. Subscription Error
  5. Copy the page location on your website to the free forms that correspond the correct page
  6. Enter the Stripe account details. You will need the Stripe API Key and the Stripe Subscription SKU
    1. To find the Stripe API Key, navigate to your Stripe Dashboard Click on Developers then API Keys then copy the Publishable Key and paste it in to the API Key free form in the Versl Plugin Panel
    2. In order to get the Stripe Subscription SKU,click on Products, then New
    3. Select Recurring products then enter all the details into the Stripe free from then click add pricing plan.
    4. On the next page add a pricing plan, set to be a recurring quantity. Then select for how much the subscription would be billed for.
    5. Once that is done, click on pricing plans on the next screen
    6. When the next screen comes up, copy the plan id then paste it into the Stripe Subscription Plan SKU in the Versl Plug in settings then click Save Settings.
    7. On the Subscription Registration Page, paste this short code "[versl_subscription_registration]"
    8. You will now have ability to set recurring payments for subscriptions to your exclusive content on the your app. In order to protect your content, you will select the content pieces for which you want displayed and in the settings of the content post, select Subscription.