You can send push notifications with ease utilizing the Versl Wordpress Plugin

  1. Logon to your Wordpress admin panel
  2. Click on Versl then Versl Push Notifications
  3. Setting Up Push Notification
    1. Title - Header Of Title of Push Notifications
    2. Body- Body Text of Push Notification
    3. Targeting- if none is selected, a general push will be sent
      1. If Content is selected, you will select a content piece that will be deep linked and when a user clicks on the notification, they will be sent to the article/content piece
      2. If Tab is selected, the user will be sent to the tag in which the admin has selected for them to be sent to. I.E. if the target is the Merch Tab, then the user will be sent to the Merch tab once the push notification is sent and opened via the end user.
    4. Once you click send to the push notification, the user will be notified of it via an onscreen message that says "Your Push Notification was Sent.".
    5. You have now successfully sent a push notification Utilizing the PWA.