Setup Google Firebase 

Firebase is Google's mobile platform that helps you quickly develop high-quality apps and grow your business.

Set Up Account Here:

Step 1: Click Get Started

Step 2:  Click on Add Project 

Step 3:  Give your project a name - your name should be the name that you want your app to be. 

Step 4: For Cloud Firestore location use default settings. Check every box then click on Create Project.

Step 5: Click on Web Icon

Step 6: Enter app name then click Register app


Step 7: Click Continue to console


Step 8: Click on Database then click on Create Database

Step 9: Select Start in Test Mode, then Click Enable

Step 10: Click Storage then click Get Started when security rules tab opens, click Got It


Authentication needs to be configured to allow users to login to your app. We currently support phone and email login.

Setting Up Email Login

Step 1: Click Auth

Step 2: Click sign-in method

Step 3: Click on pencil to edit

Step 4: Click enable then save

Step 5: Click Pencil to edit phone login

Step 6: Click Enable then save

With authentication configured, the last thing to do is to set-up email templates.

Email Templates 

Step 1: Go to Project Overview then  Click Authentication

Step 2: Click on Templates

Step 3:  From here you can edit a custom domain and email address for when a user forgets their login info.

For more info on how to set custom email messages, visit