Setup Apple Developer 

A paid $99 a year developer account is required to submit apps to the App Store, or download iOS, OS X, watchOS, or tvOS developer betas.

Step 1: Visit

Step 2: Click Member Center.

Step 3: Sign in with your Apple ID.

  • If you already have an Apple ID, you’ll just need to agree to Apple’s Developer Agreement to turn it into a free developer account. Type in your Apple ID and click Sign In.

  • If you don’t already have an Apple ID, you’ll need to create one first. Click Create Apple ID, and fill out the required information and click Continue. You’ll then need to sign in with the Apple ID that you just created, and go back to the Member Center.

Step 4: On the Apple Developer Agreement page, click the first check box to accept the agreement and click the Submit button.

Step 5: From the "Getting Started" Page, select "Join the Apple Developer Program"

Step 6: On the next page,  select "Enroll"

Step 7: Read over Apple's requirements for selecting your entity type. Based on your Tax Filing Status Enroll as an Individual or as a Business.

Step 8: Enter contact info then read Apple's License Agreement select the check box at the bottom then click on "continue"

Step 9: Complete Payment